Bold, bright, beautiful Spring

I am obsessed with the new spring looks. I am loving the bright colors (being Indian, I tend to lean towards them), the lace, and the ruffles. They add something extra to the usual florals for springtime.

I think lace is an all time favourite – it’s perfect for a date because it is so understated yet feminine and romantic.

Now, onto the coloured pants. I always admired people who wore pants in very vibrant because they seemed too outrageous for me to pull off. Then I had a change of heart as I was walking in the mall today, and I saw every single store carrying pants in bright pink, turquoise, orange, red, royal blue. You name it, there was a pant in that color. Bold ballet flats in the same colours are being carried by all the brands, including Nine West, Michael Kors, Aldo, and Marc Jacobs. I am not a child of the 80s, but I almost feel like that decade making a comeback in some way. The main difference between fashion in the 80s and now is that in the 80s, neon and bright colours were worn together. Now, let’s take an example of bright coloured jeans. Pairing them with an understated, neutral top is encouraged. Then of course, you are free to accessorize however you wish, but keep in mind that an outfit can only have one focus. Even if you were to wear a purple and turquoise bracelets, they should be subtle enough not to clash with the coloured pants, which are the main focus of this particular outfit. The same applies to makeup – choose a smokey eye or a nude look to avoid outshining the focus of your outfit.

Enjoy the spring trends everyone!