Ethics: is it okay to have a father help his son and daughter in law have a baby? Yes, this is a real story

The title is pretty self explanatory, but there is this huge controversy in the UK about a father in law donating a sperm to his son and daughter in law to help them have a baby. One article about one family sparked interest in many people around the world, and they posted countless comments expressing their opinions and concerns.

The first question of course is about ethics. Now, what we have to keep in mind is that everybody’s ethics are different. Obviously to this couple, it is completely ethical to have a relative help them conceieve. I’m going to have to agree with the majority of the people though and say no, it is unethical and disturbing on so many levels. Why? Because if the parents choose to be honest with the child, he or she will grow up knowing that their grandfather is actually their dad, and their dad is actually their half brother. The poor child will be so confused and creeped out. Nobody deserves to grow up thinking this is normal! The alternative situation would be if the parents just didn’t tell the child anything, in which case they would be keeping a huge secret from this child. We all know that secrets have a way of coming out in the wash eventually; how will this child feel knowing that their parents have been lying to them?

Another couple in the Neatherlands pursued this way for conceiving, so it’s not like the case in the UK is the first one. There was even a grandmother who carried a baby for her daughter. So these cases are not unusual, but that does not mean that they are ethical. Science now has a ton of other ways for couples to have babies, so I understand when some ask why these couples cannot try these methods. Sure it’s a bit pricier and more of a hassle, but at least the child would have a normal life, and the parents will not have the burden of keeping this life changing secret.

Yeah…I think it’s unethical for sure..