One Week in the Mediterranean = A Million Memories


Welcome to

An amazing week of sightseeing, eating, drinking, swimming and enjoying. Malta served as our well deserved holiday after all the hard work we had put into third year.

The main street in the area where we stayed. Here, we could buy a Heineken for 1.50 euros. We ended up in a bar, played pool, then found some swings on the way home. After some tequila...well, you know.

Best seafood I've had in a long time! This was our lunch after a boating trip to the Grottos, which are these massive caves on the shores of the Mediterranean. I didn't take pictures on the boat because the waters were so choppy, and the last thing I needed was for my phone to fall in the water!

The clubbing district! Cheapest drinks ever...and I mean dirt cheap. There were people giving out vouchers on the street, that allowed one free drink with every drink purchased. So basically, two drinks for less than 2 euros. In Switzerland, we would pay around 20 euros, so we were pretty excited.

One of my top three favorite pictures from the trip! We climbed over all these rocks to watch the sunset. It was pretty worth it!

The last day of the trip! We went on this amazing boat for 6 hours, where we could go swimming at different points. They had activities like snorkeling and banana boating (I didn't do either). This was even the first time I saw an ice cream boat - it's like an ice cream truck, but a boat because they cater to people who rent boats to go swimming! It was the perfect way to end a beautiful trip!

After the boating trip, we went to the top of this massive cliff. Honestly, even looking down that cliff would make you appreciate your life so much more. This picture is everyone getting ready for the sunset

And there it goes!

Thank you to those people who made the trip so special for me! I could not have imagined another way to finish off the best two years of my life! I miss you! ❤