The controversy surrounding Kony 2012

What is going on with all the Kony 2012/Jason Russell drama? I stumbled upon a few articles last night that are saying how Russell being hospitalized is jeopardizing the entire project. Another one said that Kony 2012 is more about Jason Russell than actually capturing Joseph Kony. Is all of this true though?

First of all, even though Russell is the mastermind behind Kony 2012, it has gained so much momentum and struck so much interest in people around the world, that it would be difficult for it to just collapse. Regardless of where he is, he has other people working with him. Kony 2012 has offices all over America, and supporters world wide. One of the criticisms that their campaign received from a student was that they are “narrow minded” to think that resolving this problem is easy. Another professor said that the region in Northern Uganda where Kony is running his operation has not seen turmoil in several years. She suggested that Russell and the rest of the Kony 2012 team channel their efforts to more active war lords in Uganda. This makes perfect sense, but contrary to the negative media, Kony 2012 can be a success because:

1. Movements like this have a domino effect, only a bit slower. See, the problem is the governments in these countries do not use their power to abolish child soldier practices because of the mass population, and possibly corruption. Russell’s campaign can stop Kony in Uganda, by which time they might have the power to influence the Ugandan politicians to implement the rules more strongly. Once that happens, they can make similar projects in the rest of Africa. I know it’s easier said than done, but anything is possible. Honestly, that is why Kony 2012 is took off with a deafening bang – because Russell and his team believed it was possible.

2. Russell and his team may have oversimplified the situation, but with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a website they are obviously encouraging people to get involved. Of course their goals would be slightly more difficult to reach if they were all alone, but they have almost the entire world on their side! As much as we admire Russell for initiating this, he cannot override the power of the supporters.

Now the next problem is the fact that YouTube disable the comment button, meaning about 500,000 comments got deleted from the video. This is what one article calls “invisible media” – they are saying that “we don’t interact as much as we respond” Basically, everybody has their say, but interaction can be more difficult on social media sites than when people are talking face to face. Yes, our lives do frequently run on social media, because it makes communication easier. Especially for a campaign that is this huge, it would be impossible for everyone to interact in person – social media solves this problem. The fact that YouTube does not allow people to post comments is the best for Kony 2012. Often, people will post comments that are critical or negative, and even though freedom of speech allows them to do this, the video is not the place to do so. There are other ways to express your disagreement with Kony 2012, through your Facebook status, your blog, Twitter, or whatever. The video and all the other social media surrounding the movement are all working towards a goal. Negative comments will only steer away from that. The team is obviously very important to the success of this campaign, but they cannot have all the light shone on them. This is not about them as much as it is about their common goal to stop war lords like Joseph Kony, and to protect the children who are at risk. The only way Kony 2012 can fail is if everyone loses focus.

Many thoughts going out to the Kony 2012 team!



Bold, bright, beautiful Spring

I am obsessed with the new spring looks. I am loving the bright colors (being Indian, I tend to lean towards them), the lace, and the ruffles. They add something extra to the usual florals for springtime.

I think lace is an all time favourite – it’s perfect for a date because it is so understated yet feminine and romantic.

Now, onto the coloured pants. I always admired people who wore pants in very vibrant because they seemed too outrageous for me to pull off. Then I had a change of heart as I was walking in the mall today, and I saw every single store carrying pants in bright pink, turquoise, orange, red, royal blue. You name it, there was a pant in that color. Bold ballet flats in the same colours are being carried by all the brands, including Nine West, Michael Kors, Aldo, and Marc Jacobs. I am not a child of the 80s, but I almost feel like that decade making a comeback in some way. The main difference between fashion in the 80s and now is that in the 80s, neon and bright colours were worn together. Now, let’s take an example of bright coloured jeans. Pairing them with an understated, neutral top is encouraged. Then of course, you are free to accessorize however you wish, but keep in mind that an outfit can only have one focus. Even if you were to wear a purple and turquoise bracelets, they should be subtle enough not to clash with the coloured pants, which are the main focus of this particular outfit. The same applies to makeup – choose a smokey eye or a nude look to avoid outshining the focus of your outfit.

Enjoy the spring trends everyone!

Yoga, is it really that beneficial?

So as a part of my weight loss journey (more on this subject to come), I decided to join a gym and take advantage of their fitness programs such as yoga, pilates, cycling, etc…

I have heard Vancouver be referred to as “The Yoga City.” Perhaps it stems from the popularity of Lululemon, or the¬†fact that being healthy is trendy. I was sitting at work one day, thinking that I should really start a new workout regime in addition to the cardio and resistance training I already do. I figured that since yoga classes come as a part of my gym package, why not see what all the fuss is about. So I put on my workout gear and headed straight to the class after work. Keep in mind that this was my first time doing yoga in 7 years, ever since our P.E. teacher in high school invited this yoga instructor to give us a lesson. I have to admit, the reason why I never gave yoga a chance during these 7 years was simply because I didn’t enjoy it the first time. I would always tell yoga fans that it was too slow for me and that I didn’t think it would benefit my lifestyle. I guess I was speaking as a high school student, who’s last concern was fitness.

Once I got to the class, I took a mat and began warming up the way I knew how. When the class was scheduled to begin, the instructor came in and introduced herself, and got us to begin by meditating with our legs crossed and some breathing exercises. I remember thinking “this is lame”, but as the class went on, I was surprised at how good I began to feel. She took us through a variety of lunges, downward dogs, and leg presses. I was happy in my own little world, until I looked up, scanned the room, and realized that it was blatantly obvious that many of these girls were quite experienced. I tried to snap out of it, and concentrate on the lesson, but it stayed at the back of my mind until the end of the class. I approached the teacher, and asked if I had come to an advanced class. She replied that it was for all levels and encouraged me to come back.

Sure enough I did go to a second yoga class. What fueled this decision to keep up with it was that I have never had better sleep, and felt more relaxed even after a long day at work. I researched the benefits of yoga, and in addition to toning the body, yoga helps calm one, since it is heavily focused on breathing. Apparently, it also works miracles for injuries. I may be realizing this late, but you don’t know until you try right? I found myself being able to think more clearly at work, and my concentration greatly improved, even after just two classes. My only regret is writing yoga off for so long, because I now see how it could have helped me before during my high school and university days.

I now understand why this entire city is crazy about it. Yoga is not just a fad that will die down after another couple years, it is a lifestyle that people adopt when they want to escape, to recover, or to just feel good.