Kony 2012

Once again, life’s chaos caught up to me and I completely oversaw one of the most impactful videos to ever go viral on the internet. With over 80 million views in less than 2 weeks, Kony 2012 has become a sensation. Along with millions of other people, my heart was touched by the thought and effort that went into making the movie and initiating the movement for change.

Being as intrigued by Kony 2012 as I am, I joined their Facebook page and followed them on Twitter. However, a line on their website inspired me to write this blog. “3. ENGAGE YOUR POLICYMAKERS. COUNTRIES ALL OVER THE WORLD CAN DO MORE TO STOP LRA VIOLENCE. IT’S A HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY AND THE GOAL WON’T BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT GLOBAL COLLABORATION. ENGAGE YOUR LEADERS IN THE CONVERSATION.


This line got me thinking..why is this so important to me? And why should it be important to everyone?

It takes courage to speak up about what you really believe in, especially when nobody else is advocating the same cause. Everyone knows about third world hunger, and the issues with HIV/AIDS, but nobody knew about Joseph Kony before this video was promoted. Jason Russell, the creator of this video, was inspired by one boy’s story and promised him that he would do something to stop Joseph Kony. I don’t think he ever imagined the promise would take his project to such a high level. My admiration for Jason stems from my theory that although many of us are inspired by situations, and wish we can change them, we end up losing interest. Then we make up excuses like “We don’t have enough time”, or “We don’t have the right resources.” so we can feel less guilty for not following through with a plan or a promise. At the risk of sounding like a cynic, we are hypocritical. Having said that, our hypocrisy is not intentional, but is more because we fear judgement and failure. What if someone doesn’t agree with what we are doing? What if enough people ridicule our plan and it fails? These are thoughts are the ones that stop us from taking a leap of faith. Jason is one of very few people who didn’t let these thoughts get in the way of his vision to stop Joseph Kony. He persisted and look what happened! This movement has not only changed the life of that little boy he met in Uganda, but of so many people across the world.

So back to my initial question as to why Kony 2012 should be important to everyone. Well, I think Kony 2012 should matter because it will inspire people in different ways. It might inspire someone to re-evaluate what is really important in life, or it might give them faith to take on a huge project and make you believe that it will work. We always hear the phrase “change the world”, but this does not necessarily mean that all of us working towards resolving the world’s biggest problems. If everyone made one change in their life, they would be able to do more for humanity because they have helped themselves first.

To Jason Russell: congratulations!

reference: http://www.kony2012.com/faq.html

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